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Softeq – Reliable QT development

What is QT development? This is a platform (platform here refers to the type of processor, hardware on a selected operating system or application runs) dependent software which is used for developing application software. It was first released in 1995 by Haavard Nord and Eirik Chambe-Eng and has been invaluable since then. It can be used to developing multi-platform applications and develop graphical user interfaces but it can also develop applications without Graphical user interface. QT uses C++ as its official programming language.

Softeq is a company that is conversant with the C++ programming language they have a desire for excellence fuelled with determination and efficiency. Softeq – custom software development has used many years to build confidence in their brand. They work with only the most skilled developers, electronics engineers and embedded programmers. Their employees all have a vast knowledge of QT and C++. QT has been able to play a major role in the success of the company and creation of applications.

With the aid of the QT software, innovators are given the opportunity to start creating their user interface whether or not the prototype of the actual device is ready yet. It opens a world of opportunity and helps make the future a reality today. QT makes for a great option because it is a lightweight, easily customizable pack with a ready-made embedded environment.

One great thing about QT is the fact that you only need to write the code once and watch how it perform across different devices. These devices include but are not limited to:

· Mobile phones with operating systems such as Windows 10 mobile, IOS, Android and blackberry 10.

· Desktop computers with operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux

· Embedded systems such as VxWorks and QNX

Here are the reasons you want to use QT for all cross-platform needs

1. Time is always important when it comes to technology; QT is a program that enables you speed up the development process when using comprehensive C++ source code. This simply means less time will be spending on hmi development of the application.

2. With QT, you do not have to worry about compatibility issue, it supports major operating systems. This will save you valuable time that would have been spending having to recode compatible setting per device.

3. When you think of amazing Graphics user interface QT is on top, the opportunities are limitless.

4. With one code written, you will not have to write another. There is a reason QT is called a Cross platform and that is because it allows the one code written across many user interface regardless of the platform.

5. Lagging apps are frustrating but with QT, the apps created will be fast performing which is a benefit needed when it relates to mobile phones.

6. With the time saved on development, creators are able to spend less time on the infrastructure and more on the innovation.

7. QT also allows more than one license option for example LGPL GPL etc.

8. It has a built in tool that allows smooth localization.

In conclusion:

QT has been able to change the world and it is still making a huge difference in the world of application. It has been able to make a name because of the multi-screen development abilities available. Its benefits far outweigh any and all disadvantages and should be looked to for creation of all relevant apps in the future.